Interactive Calendar App for RiseStronger

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Designer. Mobile and web engineer.

Here's the gist

Work with RiseStronger’s web platform and Stand Up For Change’s iPhone app to integrate organizing into people’s daily lives and connect event organizers with the public and with each other.


People are overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities for civic engagement and simultaneously unable to find concrete ways to contribute in person (beyond making phone calls to Congresspeople at home). Organizations are still seeking volunteers and often duplicate work on both projects and events.

RiseStronger has a calendar on its website with a back-end that stores much of what we want. They are creating an API to access that data. Meanwhile, Stand Up For Change created an iPhone-only app that focuses on “Calls To Action” but also integrates an events calendar. We want to expand the calendar functionality of the Stand Up For Change app and integrate it with the RiseStronger site. Stand Up For Change, RiseStronger, and our team are in regular discussions, but both RiseStronger and Stand Up For Change are extremely short on developers, with only one regular developer each.


An interactive calendar app that facilitates individuals finding events that suit their preferences and their schedule. Users will be able to search events to attend in either map view or calendar view and can filter by date, time, location, event type (e.g. protest, town hall, film screening, etc.), or event topic (e.g. environment, abortion rights, etc.). The app will integrate with personal calendars and saved preference (with opt-in consent) in order to push recommended events to users while protecting activists’ privacy. Events will be inputted by organizers, politicians, and RiseStronger volunteers, and organizations can post volunteer opportunities. The app can then auto-populate organizers’ newsletters and their websites’ event calendars. Users can follow their favorite organizations. Privacy and security are top priorities.

The goal is to add features to the Stand Up For Change iPhone app, create a parallel web app, and hopefully create an android app to accomplish the above goals, and to integrate it all with RiseStronger’s API.


Designer. iOS, Android, and front-end web engineer.

Point of contact

David Siffert and Mariana Plick have been leading OneOneOne, a small NYC-based group, with 50-60 members signed up, of which about dozen are highly active, but none of the active members have the requisite development/engineering skills. The group is being merged into RiseStronger and is likely to become RiseStronger’s main NYC chapter. David and Mariana have been given the lead in updating RiseStronger’s People’s Calendar UX, and the goal is to replace it with something much more robust. The goal of RISE Stronger is to capture the political energy of Americans, sustain it, and focus it towards action that will ensure that the government and its leaders are accountable to its citizens, transparent in their actions and policies, and guided solely by the interests and values of the American people. Stand Up For Change is a newly-launched iPhone app that aggregates Calls To Action and Events.


No funding. Will raise funds in the future as needed.

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