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Dept of Education Crawler

Current team

Cadran Cowansage
Nicholas Sheriff
Amy Campbell
Mark Church

Here's the gist

Migrate former Dept of Education civil rights content for students and parents to a new website


At the end of each presidential term, content from .gov websites is lost. The End Of Term Archive project crawls government websites to maintain an archive, but the resulting content is not indexed by Google and isn't easily accessible to those who need it.


Take website content collected from crawling pre-inauguration 2017 and build a new website called The goal is to create an easily accessible resource for parents and students to find out about issues like race and national origin discrimination, sex discrimination, information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, guidance documents about disability discrimination and much more.


This will be a static website, so basic web development skills are required. Team will also need to set up the website at once developed.

Point of contact

Cadran Cowansage


Already have funding to cover AWS and other costs. No other funding needed.

Can you help?