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Immigration Application & Documents Portal

Here's the gist

Due to recent executive orders, immigrants in the United States are now feeling very vulnerable. Many immigration lawyers are volunteering their services but due to high demand, they need our help. This site will be a secure place to gather and process appropriate information efficiently.


Immigrants have to fill out very long and sometimes confusing USCIS applications to apply for change of status to legal permanent resident (green card) and naturalization (US Citizenship). Data entry takes a while and mistakes are often made. Immigration lawyers fill the forms themselves, but given the turn of events, the volume has increased significantly. To ensure all eligible clients who cannot afford an attorney do not miss the opportubity to secure their immigration status, immigration attorneys are volunteering their services pro bono, and are now inundated requests.


A simple questionnaire in basic language (rather than legalese) has already been created. It just needs to be transformed into an online survey, where applicants can log in and out in order to finish the long form. Once filled out, the survey must transmute the data into USCIS forms. In addition, there will need to be a place to upload supporting documents. While an attorney will still need to fully review everything, this will make the process much faster and much more mistake-free.


Basic front and back-end programming. Can be done in any language.

Point of contact

Galorah Kesh - immigration attorney who has a team of attorneys that will be providing free citizenship and green card application submissions to refugees, asylees, SIVs, persons in threat/fear of being deported or separated from family, and persons from the 7 banned countries.

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