Current team

Ted Suzman
David Slifka

Still Needs

1 designer

Here's the gist

The majority needs to be heard. The news out of Washington DC is scary, and getting crazier by the day. Amplify is a mobile app that amplifies the voice of the people, creating thunderclaps of action that cannot be ignored.


Politicians don’t do anything unless there is mass positive or negative feedback from their constituents - whether it’s showing up to town hall meetings or calling their district offices with specific issues. In these times, many people are restless and want to do something - what's the one thing I can do today to help make this country better?


We're building a platform that will help organize millions of people to take continual effective action, starting ASAP, before it's too late. Actions include calling member of congress, RSVPing to marches, etc.


This app is built in react native but happy to have anyone who just wants to learn on the fly. Mobile experience would be great.

Point of contact

Ted Suzman. He’s been working on this full-time for the past 2 weeks and would like to pair up with someone else who could commit full-time (or eventually commit full-time) as well.


We'll get funding when we absolutely need it. Right now, we want to just prove this concept works at small scale and then blow it up.

Can you help?