Blue Rose Compass: Distributing Scholarships to Syrian Refugees

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Lenny Vacha

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Frontend web developer, backend web developer, software architect, product manager

Here's the gist

The Government of Argentina just gave Blue Rose Compass 1,000 scholarships for young Syrian refugees to attend college in Argentina. This opportunity provides an immediate chance to relocate 1000 promising young Syrian scholars out of refugee camps, as well as from Syria itself, into safety and a bright future in Argentina.Technology will assist us in relocating these individuals quickly to safety. We need to upgrade our website and platform in order to improve the application and selection process for new students, who are accessing the site from locations with challenging tech infrastructure. Additionally, we need to create a portal for employers to hire our graduates more easily.


There are over 60M refugees with a large number of adolescents whose studies have been interrupted or they are finishing secondary school and are ready to begin University. Providing higher education opportunities to this age group is critical to the rebuilding of their countries and communities. By providing full scholarships and employment back in the region they are from, we help create pathways to peace in these fragile regions. Those graduating from Argentine Universities will have the option of staying in Argentina with a full residency, and we want to also provide easy access to local companies to hire them through the same platform.


Blue Rose Compass needs to rapidly revamp our website and construct a web application to help us receive, sort and store sensitive materials received from student refugees applying for a scholarship through our program.

Refugees experience unique technical challenges that make it difficult for them to provide information in a standard format; they often send material via mobile phones (snapshots) and have difficulty accessing online materials designed for high-bandwidth connections. Additionally, our storage mechanisms need to be sufficiently secure to protect refugees' information from those who would seek to harm them.

We'll need a team of one to three full-stack web developers who can help with the architecture and implementation of a document management system that tracks refugee scholars from the point of application through approval and matching with a university, to the point of mentorship and placement with various companies who will hire them.

At present, our volunteers' time is being consumed by routing paperwork between students and universities. A centralized platform will eliminate this bottleneck, and also provide a functionality for companies to hire our students. We also need to move our donation platform from First Data to Simplify Commerce. I am already in touch with them.


Frontend web development. Backend web development. Software architect. Product management.

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Lorna Solis


No, but additional support welcome, including funding for someone to manage the website long-term

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