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Tech Reserve

Current team

Kat Manalac
Adora Cheung
Neha Kumari
Perry Huang

Here's the gist

Help build this site. We want to connect tech with individuals & organizations focused on making our democracy better and who need help building software to help them run better.


Lots of organizations really need your help building tools to help them run better. A lot of what they do today, for example, is very manual and with just some simple software, they can divert their time to more important tasks. In recent weeks, lots of people in tech have expressed deep interest in helping these organizations who are fighting the good fight. This is a massive coordination problem! Let's fix it!


A site that allows individuals and organizations to submit projects. Once reviewed and approved, interested people with relevant skills can volunteer to help. Eventually we'd like to track the progress of these projects.


Requires front-end and back-end programming. The site is currently built on top of App Engine (Python). We also prefer someone with product management background as a lot of the work is actually in refining project proposals before they're added to the site.

Point of contact

Kat Manalac

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