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Since 1986, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has used medicine and science to document and call attention to mass atrocities and severe human rights violations. PHR would like to have a Syria Map database that stores large quantities of various types of documentation and have basic analytic capabilities to sort through our nearly 2,000 ( and growing) reports of attacks on health care in Syria.


PHR’s goal for its Syria mapping project is to create an extensive body of documentation that can be used by a future judicial mechanism to investigate and prosecute attacks on health care as war crimes. Currently data are stored separately in various formats: spreadsheet, word files, pdf, videos, and photos in google drive and palantir database.


A database that include geographic data (lat/lon), qualitative data (descriptions of attacks, types of perpetrators and weapons, etc.), quantitative data (numbers of casualties), and numerous documents (interview notes, field source communication, videos, photos, and other written reports). Create a user friendly interface to add/update data. Create a basic analytic capabilities to sort through nearly 2,000 reports of attacks on health care in Syria.


SQL, web development, and data analytics.

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Elise baker, Marianne Mollmann

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