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Thousands of people go to work every day to defend our rights, protect at-risk populations and organizations, and provide opportunities and resources for those in need.

Whether you care about immigration, civic engagement, education, jobs, or the environment, there are lawyers, non-profits and activists who are working to solve problems and they need your help. Connect with the people who have dedicated their lives to serving the people, and be of service to them.

Thank you for volunteering to help build the tools that will make the world a better place.

Can you help with any of these projects?

The free and open database for every registered voter in America, built by volunteers. What Stripe was to PayPal, we want to be for voter data. Today, it is incredibly expensive to run for office, and only those equipped with the right tools and connections can run truly effective campaigns. National Voter File is reducing the costs and barriers to accessing the data and building the tools to run an effective campaign.

Team needs: Back-end engineering

The majority needs to be heard. The news out of Washington DC is scary, and getting crazier by the day. Amplify is a mobile app that amplifies the voice of the people, creating thunderclaps of action that cannot be ignored.

Team needs: 1 engineer, 1 community / outreach manager

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. They want to improve their publishing platform to help publish their research and stories faster.

Team needs: 2 engineers with Drupal Experience

Migrate former Dept of Education civil rights content for students and parents to a new website

Team needs: 1 designer, 1 engineer

Help build this site. We want to connect tech with individuals & organizations focused on making our democracy better and who need help building software to help them run better.

Team needs: 1 product engineer

Due to recent executive orders, immigrants in the United States are now feeling very vulnerable. Many immigration lawyers are volunteering their services but due to high demand, they need our help. This site will be a secure place to gather and process appropriate information efficiently.

Team needs: 2 engineers, 1 designer

Help empower advocates, activists, and journalists to inform and inspire voters by democratizing access to timely, relevant, high-quality information about congressional actions.

Team needs: 2 engineers

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. They’d like to make sure they’re up to date on the latest advances in digital security.

Team needs: 1 information security expert

Human Rights Watch(HRW) defends the rights of people worldwide. They want to track how sensitive information is being stored across their organization.

Team needs: Security Engineer

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. They want to improve their systems to collect and collaborate on evidence of human right abuses.

Team needs: 2 Full Stack Engineers

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